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Independent, Explorative & Moody : Sagittarius

Modality: Mutable

Lord: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Nakshatras : Mula – 4 charan

Purvashadha – 4 charan

Uttarashadha – 1 charan

Personality Traits :

Optimistic, Adventurous, Enthusiastic, Philosophical, Generous, Independent, Open-minded, Charismatic, Truth-seeking, Expansive, Restless, Free-spirited, Moody, Honest, Courageous.

Personality :

Sagittarius sign is ruled by Jupiter – which is considered as the Guru of the Devas. Sagittarius is the 9th sign in the kaalpurush kundali. As such this sign is associated good fortune, higher education, good deeds etc. People with their moon in Sagittarius are very positive, happy-go-lucky people. They like to be social. These people are adventurous and optimistic in nature.

These people are generous and are always ready to help others. One thing that is peculiar about Sagittarius is that they cannot stand injustice to anyone. If you have a Mars posited in Sagittarius – Moola nakshatra – these people will not stand any sort of injustice. These people could be revolutionaries .

Moon in Sagittarius individuals are independent and value their freedom, both in thought and action. They cherish their space in any sort of relationship. They have an appetite for exploration. They have a deep love for learning and often have a wide range of interests and passions. Sagittarians are driven by a strong sense of ethics and principles, and they strive to live their lives in alignment with their beliefs.

On the negative side, Sagittarius people can be prone to boasting – as they have the tendency to impress others. They are also very moody people. Mood changes in Sagittarius are very abrupt and sudden. It becomes very difficult to cope with their moods. They could also fall pray to blind optimism and belief in goodness in the world. Restlessness is also a steady trait in these people.


Moon in Sagittarius is compatible with Moon signs in Aries, Leo, and Libra, Aquarius. These signs share a similar adventurous and outgoing nature, and they can keep up with the Sagittarian's need for exploration and excitement. Aries and Leo bring a fiery energy that complements Sagittarius' enthusiasm, while Libra provides balance and harmony to their relationships. Aquarius can pacify Sagittarius quest for learning with knowledge and perspective.

Famous People with Moon in Sagittarius:

Jennifer Aniston, Vin Diesel, Dakota Johnson, Ellie Goulding, Kevin Hart, Emma Watson, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, Kartik Aaryan, Saira Banu, Shraddha Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Gauri Khan.

Tips for Moon Sign Sagittarius:

  • Embrace your adventurous, explorative nature

  • Stay true to your beliefs

  • Cultivate patience

  • Embrace diversity

  • Maintain a positive mindset

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