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Medical Astrology - Know About Your Health Through Astrology

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that analyzes birthcharts to identify potential health issues in one’s life and provide guidance on preventive measures and treatments. There are a lot of medical practitioners who avoid operating on a few nakshatras as those nakshatras are considered unsuitable for operations. Medical astrology is an interplay of 12 zodiac signs, 27 nakshatras, 12 houses, 12 planets, mahadasha etc. If applied according to the rules stated in Astrology texts, medical astrology can give most accurate readings.

Each zodiac sign is associated with specific body parts which are as follows :

  • Aries : Head and face, the eyes.

  • Taurus : The neck, ears, throat, larynx, tonsils.

  • Gemini : The arms, shoulders, muscles and bones in these, the lungs (including the trachea and bronchi), and the hands.

  • Cancer : Stomach, breasts, solar plexus, diaphragm, upper part of the liver.

  • Leo : The heart, spine and spinal parts.

  • Virgo : The intestines, alimentary canal, lower part of the liver.

  • Libra : Kidneys, loins, appendix, lumbar vertebrae and the skin generally.

  • Scorpio : The organs of reproduction, bladder, gall, colon and rectum.

  • Sagittarius : The hips, thighs and the sciatic nerves.

  • Capricorn : The knees, joints of the body and the hair.

  • Aquarius : The lower leg (calves and ankles), the teeth and the circulation of the blood.

  • Pisces : The feet and toes.

Ayurveda identifies three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—which are biological energies believed to govern bodily functions. Vata represents air and ether, Pitta denotes fire and water, and Kapha symbolizes earth and water. Balancing these doshas is key to maintaining optimal health and well-being in Ayurvedic medicine.

In Vedic astrology and Ayurveda, each zodiac sign is also categorized under the three doshas as

  • Vata : Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius.

  • Pitta : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

  • Kapha : Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces.

Also, each planet is associated with specific doshas:

  • Vata : Saturn, Rahu, Mercury, Moon

  • Pitta : Sun, Mars, Ketu

  • Kapha : Jupiter, Venus

The constitution of human body in terms of Ayurvedic doshas depends on factors like age, lifestyle, prakriti, diet, psychological factors etc. Astrology also can help know human body constitution depending on the following considerations :

  1. The ascendant sign and its lord are the most important. For example, if the ascendant is Taurus (Kapha sign) and its lord Venus is placed in Scorpio (Pitta sign), it indicates a Kapha - Pitta constitution.

  2. Planets in the first house, particularly those close to the Ascendant, hold significance. For instance, if Mars and Sun are in the first house, it suggests short-tempered nature and a Pitta constitution.

  3. The position of the Moon is another important factor that influences the body. For example, if Moon is placed in 2nd house in Cancer sign – it is indicative of Kapha dosha.

  4. The strongest planet in the horoscope also contributes to defining the Dosha or constitution of an individual.

  5. The planet – whose mahadasha is active in one’s chart carries a lot of importance. For example if a person is Taurus ascendent with Venus in 3rd house that is in Cancer and the person is undergoing the mahadasha of Jupiter, it will indicate a strong Kapha constitution.

Basic Information About Ayurvedic Doshas :

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