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The Complete Nakshatras Course :

Syllabus : 
  • Nakshatras and the details – Ruling Lord, Deity, plant, nadi, yoni, element, body parts, direction etc.

  • Astronomical significance for each nakshatra and polar star associated with it.

  • Concept of nakshatra padas, pada lords, navatara system

  • Predictive nakshatras, detailed predictive observations for each nakshatras. Varied ways of predictions with the help of nakshatras.

  • Themes and stories, mythological stories associated with nakshatras.

  • Psychological character analysis of nakshatra deities and lords.

  • Symbolism and meaning related to nakshatras.

  • Instantly spot a nakshatra person with behaviour patterns

  • Famous personalities for each nakshatra.

  • Logic behind the animal, plants associated with the nakshatras.

  • Nakshatra case studies.

  • Connection of Nakshatra system and Ayurveda system of knowledge.

  • Remedies for each nakshatra.

Duration : 7 to 8 months (approx. 175 sessions)

Fees : Rs. 21,000/- plus GST = Rs. 24,780/-

Mode : Online + Offline

Medium : Marathi & English

Who can enroll : Aspiring astrologers, Indian Psychology enthusiasts, People interested in                               Indian Sciences.

What will you get :
  • PPT of each lecture

  • PDF / Printed notes, reference material

  • Certificate of Course Completion

  • Key-words and case study handouts

  • Illustrations, tables and pictures for each character in the study

  • Discussion forum for the course.  

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